The best solution for unexpected costs

It’s safe to say that everyone is familiar with the stress that unexpected costs, be it car repairs or health concerns, bring along. One of the ways to manage such surprises is ESTO’s indefinite overdraft that provides convenient and fast flexibility in financial matters.

There are a variety of ways for taking care of said unexpected expenses – from small loans to credit cards. However, ESTO’s indefinite overdraft differs from the latter in the manner that it has gathered all the positive traits from the previously mentioned loan solutions, and bargained some marvellous offers from ESTO’s partners as a bonus.

Applying for ESTO’s credit limit is easy and fast – simply go to ESTO’s website and open an account. Opening an account is free and takes under a minute.

After identifying yourself, you can immediately start using the credit amount in your account by transferring the necessary sum to your personal bank account. Here it is important to note that ESTO only considers the used credit amount when calculating interest. For example, when your credit account has 4000€ of which you have transferred 2000€ to your personal bank account, ESTO will only charge interest on the amount that has been used. You can also at any time return credit to your ESTO Account free of charge.

ESTO Account – flexible and free

ESTO Account does not have any administration or contract fees, and when you add the convenient repayment schedule, it makes up a truly flexible tool that helps plan your financial matters.

As returning credit is voluntary, the only obligation the customer has is paying the minimal monthly instalment made up of 1/60 of the used credit and added monthly interest. On the 1st of each month, ESTO will send an invoice for the minimal compulsory instalment that has to be paid by the 15th of the current calendar month.

Its flexibility makes it possible to manage periods that present financial difficulties by postponing expenses to a later period without having to take expensive quick loans.

It is also important to note that ESTO Account is characterised by the word fast. Opening an account takes less than a minute and transfers to your personal account are completed within listed hours. For a small fee, transfers can also be completed as flash payments.

Nevertheless, ESTO Account isn’t solely a credit product. The account holders receive more favourable instalment terms from various ESTO partners like Kaup24, Valge Klaar, Goldtime, Tradehouse, Mobipunkt, ONOFF, Digizone,, Home4you, Weekendshoes, Automaailm, NordBaby, AV Moto, Mamibot, Kehapood, and 500 other stores.

In conclusion, ESTO Account is an innovative and secure alternative to credit cards and small loans. Not to mention the countless of offers from our partners that you’ll be on the receiving end of when joined. ESTO Account – it’s speed and true flexibility!

ESTO’s biggest goal is to be the leading provider of innovative payment and shopping solutions in the Baltics. ESTO makes all payments easy for both the buyer and the supplier, in online as well as retail stores. ESTO offers all kinds of payment solutions to increase sales and conversion rates – for various client segments, with various payment plans and options.

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According to the following example the credit cost rate on ESTO AS´ hire purchase contract is 19.22% per annum: credit amount 2435 EUR, fixed interest rate 9.90%, contract fee 0 EUR, management fee 0 EUR, total credit amount and repayment amount 2790.18 EUR given the credit is repaid in equal monthly installments within 18 months. Prior concluding the contract, we advise acquainting with the terms and conditions and, if necessary, consulting with a specialist.