World trade is undergoing an unprecedented change – both the supply sector and customers perception of shopping are changing. The more time goes on, the more flexibility customers expect as for some time now, Estonian online and retail sellers haven’t been in competition with only one another but also with the other giants of world. ESTO can help insert your business back into the competition with the help of innovative and fully automatic payment solutions.

ESTO has won the trust of around 600+ partners with their fully automatic instalment payment solutions as well as various ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ payment methods and other online store payment solutions that help increase sales, conversion rate and traffic.

Let’s take a closer look at all of them below.

Private label or ESTO’s instalment solution

A convenient instalment solution tailored to a partner’s brand and wishes, or a standard fully automatic ESTO instalment link for online as well as retail stores that allows the seller to offer customers the option of instalments conveniently and quickly. Stay ahead of your competitors during this era of online stores by offering your customers a convenient instalment solution.

ESTO’s 3/6 payment method (SLICE)

The very popular 3/6 payment method allows customers to pay for their purchase conveniently and quickly in three or six equal instalments. Customers highly value this method as statistics have shown that by ‘‘slicing’’ up the cost, the total sum of the cart tends to increase as the average shopping cart size with this type of payment solution is around 200€.

ESTO’s Buy Now, Pay Later!

An innovative payment method that is more functional than a bank link as it offers the possibility to pay within the next 30 days without any additional costs! Due to the lack of interest and additional costs, this is an amazing alternative to credit cards that customers highly appreciate. The average shopping cart size is around 80€.

ESTO Pay payment method – free transactions for everyone

A remarkable offer for our partners – Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Finnish banks’ payment links that are free and easily integrated. Simply add the necessary payment links to your online store and all payments will be directly transferred to the company’s current account.

As of 2021, ESTO is trusted by more than 600 partners throughout the Baltics. Some of our partners in Estonia are Kaup24, Valge Klaar, Goldtime, Tradehouse, Mobipunkt, ONOFF, Digizone,, Home4you, Weekendshoes, Automaailm, NordBaby, AV Moto, Mamibot and Kehapood. In conclusion, the numbers don’t lie – more than 120 000 active customers and over 600 partners across the Baltics – quite convincing, isn’t it? Come join our ESTO family today!

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